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22nd Mar, 2029

red hair back

[ooc contact post]

(photo by m0thyyku)
OOC comments and constructive criticism is welcome here!*

* please note that this RP disregards the 02 canon ending and the characters are played by their respective players as collectively approved by the entire group! <333

21st Jun, 2009

sora default



Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

I'm sorry.

Now, if only I could go say that to his face...

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19th Jun, 2009

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[Closed - Miyako]

Hey Miya-chan. I was just wondering if I could ask you a favour?
red hair back


So, the camping trip lasted two weeks. No one told me that and I ended up washing my clothes in a pond to stay fresh and clean. XD And I've spent the last two weeks at Hiroki's. >.> Probably should have mentioned that to someone, actually. At least there was a washing machine there? Well, across the street, but I digress. On the bright side, it's been an amazing trip. Lots of snuggling under the stars. Call me a sentimental sap but it was gorgeous. And... maybe things will work out. Maybe I'm just pessimistic. I feel entitled to my pessimism in this instance.

I've only been at his so long because I started feeling a bit bad about not telling Jyou how long I was going to be gone. I know it's silly, but the longer I put something off, the more I manage to convince myself to put it off more. Then it just becomes a vicious circle. AND it was his damn birthday.  I was away for his birthday! How much of a crap roommate am I? His present is still sat in my wardrobe. I hope he can forgive me. T_T I'll have to surprise him at that beach party thing. Thank God he doesn't make his posts private.

You'd think I haven't slept in a few days. Aside from my course and work, I've done nothing but sleep.


24th May, 2009

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(no subject)

I'll be unavailable for a week or so, guys, except via text possibly because I'm going camping! Don't you miss the good old days of sleeping under the digital stars? Some of my classmates set it up and I'm dragging Hiroki, so how could I resist?

The beach was amazing, we need to do that again soon!

Someone keep track of everything and tell me what I missed when I get back!

9th May, 2009

i need a hug

[Closed - Takeru]

How are things going with Michael-san?
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(no subject)

士やも 空しくあるべき 万代に 語り継ぐべき 名は立てずして

Should anyone who calls himself a man idle his time away and die in obscurity, without having established a renown that should live on people's lips for all ages?

~ By Yamanoue Okura and from Man'yōshū (poem 6-978).

Interesting question. My lecturer posed it on us today and no one really answered. I guess most people don't want to admit they want to establish a renown and be remembered for all time.

Personally, I think that as long as you've lead a good life and loved with all your heart, done all you can, then you've done enough. But that's just me.

In other news, I need to pick a subculture for focus on my next project (which starts in a month). The only catch? We'll have to spend the month literally living the fashion. It can't be what we usually wear. So I'm kind of stuck. Call me shallow but I don't want to run around looking like a complete idiot. I'm interested in Classic Lolita but I'm not sure about it - there's so many offshoots that stumbling into one would probably be too easy. And I'd look ridiculous in Sweet Lolita clothing. Kogal scares me a little bit, I have to be honest. Maybe punk? Or even steampunk (but then I'd probably be accused of going into Lolita again - like I said, too much crossing over >.<).

Ladies? And fashion-concious gentlemen?

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8th May, 2009

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Writer's Block: Historian's Choice

If you could live in any era of history, which one would you choose?
Either the Nara period or Victorian England. I don't really know why for either. They're just the two I think of when I consider the question. Go figure.

7th May, 2009

love hands

{ i carry your heart with me }

"I think," said Miriam, "if you treat them with reverence you don't do them any harm. It is the spirit you pluck them in that matters."

~ Sons and Lovers, Chapter 9, by D. H. Lawrence.

For some reason, that quote resounds with me. I've never thought about plucking flowers before - after all, Mother kills plants for a living and as an art form, something beautiful and creative - but I guess this could apply to almost anything.

It is the spirit in which you do something that matters.

Doesn't that sound noble? It could almost justify anything. I did this with the best of intentions, the purest of spirit, the ideal dream in my heart and head. But the problem, I suppose, is that people's ideas of what constitutes the best of intentions differs with every new face in the street and so no one will ever come to an agreement on what truly means you've done what's right. I know that one person can say “I did this because it seemed noble”, but that won't be the same definition for everyone. What I think is noble and what Hiroki thinks is noble, for example, might be extreme opposites.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, thinking too hard. That's easy enough to do. I have been a lot lately.

Hiroki sent me the lyrics to this song - Ion Square by Bloc Party. It's beautiful. <3

Should I be happy or scared? I don't know any more. He's sweet though.

25th Mar, 2009

i miss you


Bloody younger Destined and their complicated bloody lives.

I'm half expecting a phonecall from Tai and Kou to tell me they accidentally got married now. Seriously.

I regret saying nothing happened. DAMN YOU KARMA.

I miss the days when I was just a kid. ;.;

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